Guide to Building Energy-Efficient Homes and Offices


Context: Vietnam has continually shifted from a rural-agrarian society to an urban-industrial, services-based economy, the country is seeing a significant increase in urbanisation which is expected to increase to 45 per cent by 2020. With the global demand for sustainable buildings doubling by 2018, the green buildings market in Vietnam, although still in its infancy, is seeing a belief in green building beginning to take root.

Some of the buildings that have achieved a green building certification includes the Big C Di An hypermarket in Binh Duong Province, President Place in Ho Chi Minh City, Diamond Lotus Apartment in Ho Chi Minh City, and Green One UN House in Hanoi.


Description: HVACR Vietnam 2018 proudly presents a special feature – “Guide to Building Energy Efficient Homes and Offices”, showcasing the key green and energy-efficient technologies that can be incorporated into modern smart homes and automated offices. These energy-efficient construction will help to lower energy expenditure, improve indoor air quality, enhance home and office comfort, reduce air and moisture infiltration, and increase the durability of the property as a long-term investment. Details of how to implement and integrate the innovation and new technologies in HVACR will be included.  

This special showcase will be guided and led by Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC), our strategic partner for HVACR Vietnam 2018. VGBC is an international non-profit organisation, established in 2007 with the aim to raise awareness and build capacity for the development of green building in Vietnam.

Benefits for brands and products that choose to demonstrate in the “Guide to Building Energy-Efficient Homes and Offices” showcase are:

  • GAIN the first-mover advantage in the growing market
  • ENHANCE brand equity and reputation through Corporate Social Responsibility
  • ESTABLISH brand image and value in the era of sustainability
  • PROMOTE long-run profits, productivity and innovation
  • SHOWCASE your product launches with existing and potential buyers and partners
  • BENEFIT from networking with other market leaders
  • GENERATE leads and promote brand awareness among the professionals in the industry
  • MAXIMISE your exposure from the publicity (print, online and e-mail) from the most established international exhibition on heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, air filtration & purification and refrigeration systems in the region


For inquiries, kindly contact Ms. Violet Yong – Exhibition Director at +65 6411 7709 or email today!

Vietnam Green Building Council

The Vietnam Green Building Council is a non-profit organization, operating since 2007 with the aim to raise awareness and build capacity for the development of green building in Vietnam. The VGBC, together with its partners and members, have defined the first green building rating system for Vietnam– the LOTUS system. LOTUS is based on various international green building standards but also incorporate local construction codes, to suit Vietnam legal, climate and construction industry contexts. Other areas of our focus include a professional credential program (LOTUS AP), an online directory of green products and services for Vietnam market (Green Database), policy advocacy and annual events on green building.